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Design Spirits Sdn Bhd

3 April 2014

Design Spirits are masters at shaping and reshaping your built environment. Together with their predecessor Modular Sdn. Bhd., they have over 20 years of shaping spaces in Malaysia. Design Spirits has become one of the top interior design firms in the Klang Valley and they achieved this by constantly making an impact with their designs as they continue to set trends in Malaysia. Their contribution to the interior design industry and Malaysia's built environment has been tremendous, and they aim to continue to prove ourselves for many years to come. 

At first glance the interior of this huge bungalow seems to be predominantly white. But at closer look, the careful but creative application of different textures and tones amidst subtle palettes would definitely raise this design of this home to another level. Designed by Design Spirits, this 7-bedroom home dons a modern tropical concept, but the designers have certainly given the concept a colourful twist – via the use of paintwork by Nippon Paint.

Located in Setia Eco Park, this house which sprawls 12,800 sqft is truly a sight to behold. Lighting plays an essential role to carry out its cohesive palette. In the living room, feature walls take on texturised wall paint complementing the modern furniture that anchors the space here. From here, the layout flows towards the stairway that is beautifully designed with a graceful curve that leads up to the bedroom. But before that, adjacent to that space, the dining room with its transparent chairs and glass top table catches the eye with the garden view outside. Next to it, the open kitchen takes on a dramatic appeal with its streamlined kitchen island counter that stretches from one end to another.

Upstairs, it is visually warmer, with timber outlining the structures and spaces. White walls are consistent, but again, painted feature walls and decorative elements painted in bold hues accentuate the bedroom spaces. In one of the bedrooms, strips of olive green are painted across the white walls to match the bedding and soft furnishing. In another, warm whites are used to create a softer environment.From the outside, the rotunda-like glass encased space that accommodates the main dining room is beguiling, especially at night, when the lights are turned on. All around well-manicured gardens with bubbling water features envelope the space. The exterior, painted mostly in white paint, is complemented by timber elements, offering a tropical touch to the overall home.

Image credit to :  Design Spirits Sdn Bhd